Friday, August 29, 2008


wktu hari jumat kan wktu pj kiteorgg xpnah blaja..pastu aku amek lah beg azreen,tyra, ngan tyka...azreen pnye beg aku dah bgi awal2..tpi beg tyka tyra ni aku smbunyikan...pastu die criq satu skolah...die bgi tau cikgu ni lah..last2 die g bgi tau puan khasniah..cikgu disseplin..aku pon terus ar cuak..nseb baik cikgu tu xlayan die..cikgu tu pegang rotan yg gler besar size xxxxxl tau x...haha..smbil pkol kaki 2ekor malaaun ni die kate awak g naek atas ..haha..suara die dngar smpai atas tau x..sbb die aku asyk kene msok bilik displin je..butoh kan..tu creti lain..haa..brsambung..pastu die nak bgi tau cikgu salwa last2 aku bgi blik...sblom die prasan die aku amek beg die..kteorg sme dahh blatihh nak ckap mcm mne bodoh2 je..pastu aku bleyhh buat muka nanges smbil aku kate cikguuuuu beggg atyra hilanggg..hahah..then satu kelas gelak aku buat mcm tuh:DDDDDDDDDDDD

the cikgu

satu hari tu kan aku duduk depan lela mimi duduk belakang then ni mase bm ..cikgu suruh aku buat kerja tetibe buku plak xbawak adeyhhhh:)),,pastu aku pon amek kertas kajng tpi cikgu tetibe trnmpak aku xbuat kerja aku bce surat..entah surat ape tahh...pstu cikgu nak amek ..aku kate TOLONG CIKGU TOLONG ..saye buat keje ni saya buat..pastu leyla mimi cikgu pon gelak kan aku..aku pon heishh...

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm a QUEEN CONTROL. I think you know what a queen control is like. So, I don't have to give you excessive details about it. you can imagine it yourself.

I'm LOUD. like SUPER LOUD. I'm not kidding about this. My mom told me once that I had probably swallowed 10 microphones and they got stucked in the throat. The volume of my voice is like the maximum level of your handphone ringing volume. I think you'll be emabarrassed if you ever make me your girlfriend.

Due to being loud, you may think that I'm RUDE. but I never thought I was.

I'm a PESSIMIST. I don't believe in relationship any longer
Every girl in this world desires to end up with a guy like Mr.Darcy. In case if you don't know him, he is a fictional character made up by Jane Austen in her most famous book, Pride and Prejudice. He is a single man in possession of a great fortune and in want of a wife. Jane Austen potrayed him as handsome, intelligent, loyal and quite a charm as well. To sum it up, he has what it takes to become a husband.

So, yes, He's in every girl's dream.

But in reality, we can't expect a Mr.Darcy. and I personally think that the only way to get a man like Mr.Darcy is to make him up. There will never be a guy as perfect as him.

Don't get it wrong. I'm not against the idea of a perfect man like Mr.Darcy. I'm just talking reality here. Jane Austen would definitely agree with me. Otherwise, she wouldn't end up being Miss Austen.

Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. For me, love still dies, money still vanishes and every woman has regrets. and the only thing that can make me forever happy and excited and feel good is Jane Austen's novels. She makes me feel in love and full of hope as if a guy like Mr.Darcy exists and looking for me somewhere.

I wish I could have the gift which God has given to her. I wish I could write like her so that I can always give hopes and happiness to every woman who reads my piece.

about me

hello im lanaa
im fourteen
and nice to meet u!